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Stan Sanders (on right) joining me on the main rotor of #836 during the OJT sessions to share procedures of helicopter maintenance ," and that is why they call it the Jesus nut"

This is me preparing a mixture of JP 4 and oil to clean the fuselage & tail surfaces of soot & grime. The mini-gun & it's mount are visable in the background. Unfortunately the light & starlight scope are covered with a poncho to protect them from the elements & sunshine

OJT for Stan Sanders (on rt) concerning the changing of fuel filters every 25 hours. Stan hails from my home state of Virginia. He is from Warsaw, VA Charles Navas from Boston, MA on left and Gary Dresner from Montana I believe. This photo was taken at helicopter #836 in the month of January 1971 before a mission at night.

"After Vietnam"

   After the war, I returned and received my discharge in January 1972 at

   I returned to Alabama and resumed my college studies to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a FIGHTER PILOT and was commissioned in 1976 in the USAF and Graduated from Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) in 1979.  I attended Fighter Lead-in and flew as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) in the CESSNA O-2A and as an F-111D fighter pilot.

     I volunteered to become part of Special Operations and became an instructor in Anti-Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare.

     I am currently civilian qualified as multi-engine land, commercial,  instrument.  Jet and Prop certified.



Proud and happy to be part of Tactical Air Command.  1st LT Carmean attending Fighter lead-in, Holloman AFB, NM 1979.  A/C is a T-38B used in tactical training, both air to air and air to ground.


Top Gun, oh yeah!  This was the greatest fun, you would not believe it, but still hard work


Anti Terrorism instructor.  Holding AK-47 to be used in the Terrorist Weapons Demonstration. Special Operations School. Hurlburt, FL

Suppressed Sten Gun used to demonstrate suppressed weapon accuracy and firing signature.  weapons were demonstrated on a variety of vehicles and structures for penetration and full auto targeting accuracy demonstration.  Also demonstrated a variety of Improvised Explosive devices.
Currently affiliated with a company that converts Czechoslovakian LET-410 and other airframes into Thermal Imaging Surveillance Aircraft for security operations worldwide.  This LET-410 was previously operated by the Soviet SPETZNAZ (Special Operations) Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) ball is under the nose.


Let-410 was previously owned and operated by the AEROFLOT Airline.  The worm  certainly has turned for me.



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