One morning, after a fire fight, the adrenalin pump was so high I went for a walk. I was lucky to catch a Blueghost team outbound. Scout leading the way, 2 Guns for support, and the Slicks loaded with Blues close behind. 


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Blue Ghost TO.jpg (50333 bytes)

Scout positioning on runway for takeoff. Slick loaded with a squad of "Blues" on departure.

Cobra 3.jpg (37324 bytes)

Cobra 2 TO.jpg (29198 bytes)

AH-1G Cobra "GUN" taxing into position  for take off

Gunship #1 on take off.

Cobra.jpg (43714 bytes)

Huey.jpg (26882 bytes)

Gunship #2 on take off.

Slick on take off loaded with blues.

Cobra RTT.jpg (24197 bytes)

Huey & salt flats.jpg (37246 bytes)

 Cobra Gunship on an RTT (Return to Target)

We told the new 2nd Lt. that it was snow . He bought it.    (Ocean Salt)


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