I was in country from November of 68 until mid January of 70 with the 570th. My MOS was for  OH-6A , a qualified crew chief mechanic & drove truck for the 570th when necessary.  Duties performed were blade tracking on the loaches and a lot of engine and transmission changes on the these. I also was cross-trained on the H-models and cobras.

 I worked nightshift for the last 7 months in-country so I could have the days to paint our ships or fly when possible.  I painted the 570th stage backdrop and the Ghostonic's sign along with signs for other units and many tail rotor blades.
 I still have the template I made for painting the helmets.


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pink.jpg (28657 bytes)

chapel.jpg (38659 bytes)

Maintenance hanger

My basic training combat boots, sent to me by my fiancée (now wife). She had dyed them pink & covered them with "'60's" stick-on paper  flowers for Easter 1969.

The chapel at Ky Ha viewing from the east

51aa.jpg (25504 bytes)

runup.jpg (39964 bytes)

A captured .51 cal anti-aircraft gun Standing- Roberto Berrara  & Carl Smith

Tim La Fayette, Tom Voltz & I believe Maestas doing runup & Mann



wrecked.jpg (68612 bytes)

carl-94.jpg (44462 bytes)

carl-67.jpg (36590 bytes)

Can't remember who was flying this one but believe no one was seriously injured - approximately July-August 1969

Nose Art 

Standing is either Weekly or Hawk.


I was employed with the airlines before my military service & am still there today having almost 34 years total with US Airways.

I now reside in NY state with my wife of 30 yrs., Orma. My interest include American History and I'm active in time period 1640-1840 rendezvous of which we dress in the time  period and live as they did for a week or so.  My other hobbies include hunting, fishing, ,target shooting, engraving, carving,  knife making and I'm learning blacksmithing and welding.



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