My first tour in Nam was from 1 July '68 to 19 Feb '69. During this period of time I worked in maintenance. ,and weapons until I was evacuated to Okinawa for surgery on my knee  & was sent back to the States to recover.

I returned back to Viet Nam and to Blue Ghost on 19 Jan 1970 to 10 Dec 1970. During this tour, I was with the Scouts and then I went to the "Blues" under Dave Harrigan and John Harris.

I was on the ground when the cobra rolled in on us the day Sgt Linker was wounded and we had no medic. I
then cross-trained as a medic at the 212th Evac., but I was getting short so the unit replaced me with another medic and put me in Operations on night shift until I rotated home.


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From 1968

Mini gun setup on a Charlie model in  '68



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The "Blues" on the ground near Tam Ky

Sign in front of Scout hooch in 1970

Taking a break waiting on a mission out of Tam Ky. Dave Harrigan standing


I am now retired living the good life in sunny Florida with my wife.

Pat & I met in Montana and have been married for 16 years. We drove truck with a designated run Virginia to Los Angeles, then Seattle and back to Danville, VA every week for several years . She is definitely my soul mate and best friend, would have to be to, as we literally lived in a truck together all those years on the road.


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