I was drafted in June '67, took basic at Fort Polk, LA and then off to Eustis, VA for 11 weeks of helicopter mechanics school (MOS 67N20). I arrived in Chu Lai in Sept '68 and was put to work the same day as a crew chief on UH-1H "Slick" and stayed in that position for the next 10 months until it was time to come home in June 1969. I departed the F/8  as a Spec 5 and with a pocket full of air medals


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Loach brought back after being shot down, don't remember details, maybe someone else remembers?



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In center of picture, L to R, CW2 Dan DeLor (WIA), unknown, SFC Howison(KIA) , Lt. Ben Deaver(WIA), LT John Wyatt,

Training we did prior to rope drop for an insertion

Unknown - anybody help?



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Name unknown -

(Forgot to ask Jim, I know the one laying down is a deer _ Dan)

I can't remember the names, but I think it's one of the nose art jobs I did.

Our flightline the morning after a rocket attack



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