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The pictures above are of a cobra cockpit torn up by .51's is an AC from D 1/1. It was out along the high ground southwest of Tam Ky in the same exact area where I was to be shot down in Jan. '70. I was in the front seat with Cpt. Watson, our wingman had returned to Hawk Hill with our scout that developed a mechanical problem. We joined on the wing of the D 1/1 aircraft. Anti-aircraft fire was some of the worst I had ever seen. These NVA anti-craft guns had shot down a UH-1H and severely damaged a Marine A-4, from MAG 12 before we arrived.

The Aircraft Commander was Cpt. Henry, who lost his "pinkie finger" on the right hand when the cyclic was shot off in his hand. The round continued back and exploded the back left side on the armor seat, badly injuring his left elbow. Another round shattered the attitude indicator, the turn & slip and the clock.

The copilot/gunner did not survive the encounter. There were five or six .51 rounds through the area where he was seated. One of the "shots" can be seen on the left side of aircraft where the armor plate has been shattered by a round.


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CW2 Dan DeLor, the puzzle is what the heck was he eating? Looked like potato chips  but we never had any there -  maybe it's best we don't know!

CW2 James Wilkerson

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CW2 Wilkerson & my brother Ronnie who was in Vietnam as a Marine at the same time I was there.

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Capt. Rick Leonard

"Dos Amigoes", two real moustache Petes: Capt. Wiggins with Capt. Lutes Oct '69

Capt. Robert Wiggins ,1969

This was part of a photo Christmas card that said "Peace on Earth"

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This is the sign pointing to "Casper's Crapper", the buildings in the background are some of the officer's quarters

Casper's Crapper, the 4-holer up in officer country, what a view!

Younger version of Capt. Wiggins, (then 1Lt) in front of Blueghost operations. He's actually carrying a sidearm though no picture of him wearing one was ever sent to his Mom. She was told he was at "Camp"

Thanks Wiggs!

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