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A few thoughts

Posted: February 26th, 2009 @ 1:12pm

This site is for Blueghosts ( including C/7/17, and 570th) and their families. We will try to help anyone that we can find other people from other units when possible but it is not our duty.

Stories and photos from your time with Blueghost are always welcome but "stuff" from other units( who have their own websites) is not. This is not a museum.

 It is not due to lack of interest, it is cost and bandwidth. I personally pay for the content management script and web hosting. Space is donated to the association for news and the member database.  I chose not to use a free site as in the terms of service of all of them, they own the rights to all content and anything posted becomes public domain. If you wish to host a very large collection at a photo sharing site, we’d be happy to supply a link to your photos.

 We enjoy the contacts made through the site which is now 10 years old! The size has grown to over 500 MB. All we ask is your patience when things don’t work right, we are not Yahoo or Microsoft and maintain this ourselves on space we rent. Server upgrades affecting the software we use is beyond our control unless we go to a dedicated server which is beyond our means.

I would like to thank Dan Buckley for his donation when we added his pages (he even came from Calif, and took us out to dinner!) and John Brown has donated several times to the operating expenses. We ARE NOT soliciting donations to run the site. It has been a labor of love.

While suggestions are always welcome, DEMANDS are not.

Emails with demands or derogatory remarks will not be answered.

ASK and you shall receive, Have a chip on your shoulder and you will be ignored.

Dan DeLor