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About the Site

 Due to large number of phony sign-ups, self registering has been suspended.

We get many emails about logging in and thought maybe we should add some information to explain the two separate logins as a "self-help" guide.

The login on the main page is for the BlueGhosts.com site and private forum, One forum is for just those who were with Blue Ghost (including units that were attached and C 7/17) and one for members and family. Most everything can be seen without logging in. The private forums are for information that would only be of interest to a member and a safe place to post an email address or phone number that you wouldn’t want public.

The "Member Database" is maintained separately by Joe Loadholtes (with his son Nick for tech support as he wrote the script for the assn.) and requires a different login. It is the known email address at the time you were added . In this section, it is up to you to check the box to make your information available to other members. No one outside of the members has access. "Members" include those who were the original "Blue Ghost" that came from C 7/17 , the "Blues", 570th Tech Det, all F Troop platoons.


On the main site: You may use the contact us form to request a login. If you have a preference for a user name, let me know. We set your permissions for what you can view. As long as you remember your user name, you can recover lost passwords by email, please keep your email address current. We cannot see your password, we can reset it if a login cannot be recovered.  Family and friends are welcome to sign up.

Member Database: For this section, you are given a login after being verified as a member. Login is by known email address and password. You are able to keep your address, phone and email updated and choose to make your information available to other members. We encourage you to do so if you’d like to hear from old friends.

Direct site questions to scouts@blueghosts.com

Member Database to admin@blueghosts.com