BlueGhost – CPT. Robert Wiggins

BlueGhost – CPT. Robert Wiggins


CPT Robert Wiggins

"BlueGhost 26" – 1969-1970

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I joined the US Army Reserves while in college Nov. 1965; dropped out of college to join active Army Nov 1966; OSC 1967; flight school 1968, then Vietnam 1969, which brought me to F Troop 8th Cavalry.

I spent my entire tour flying the AH-1G, I enjoyed it, guess I was even good at it. In my bio for the book The History of the Distinguished Flying Cross, I even remember saying that “I’d have done it for free”.

I returned to the states in March 1970 and served as a tactics IP and Operations Officer until Feb 29, 1972, when I resigned.


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Cpt. Jim Lutes

This is a sign that was on my door that was done by Jim Lutes

CW2 Dennis Ely


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Cpt Jones

Charles Walton & CW2 Archie Ott



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Myself & CW2 Wilkerson, taken in front of one of our cobras at airfield at Tam Ky Aug. ’69. The foot in the background belongs to Mr. Chuck Gallagher

Capt. Gary Ellis taken in front of Blueghosts operations at Tam Ky

SP5 A. Desmarais & CW2 Wilkerson


For the past 27 years I’ve been in the medical/surgical industry. In April 1992, I started my own company, WIGGINS MEDICAL. We sell & distribute surgical instruments for brain & spine surgery. I live inPanama City Beach, FL., ‘cause I prefer being near the beach. My only child, a son works for the US Senate.


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