BlueGhosts – Dale F. Baker

BlueGhosts – Dale F. Baker




I got my draft letter from LBJ between Christmas and New Years of 1968, just 4 days after my daughter Noelle was born. By the time I went in on 4 Feb 69, Nixon was in office. (Is that Legal?  Did I HAVE to go?)  I did Basic Training at Fort Lost-in-the-Woods then got orders to go to Fort Eustis for AH-1G helicopter repair school (MOS –  67Y20), 16 weeks, graduating second in my class of 30. (Blue Ghosts Barton (maint.) and Brown (avionics) were also in that class)
I landed in Blue Ghost Country on 18 Aug 69, assigned to the maintenance platoon. After about 6 months I got bored and volunteered for the weapons platoon, (only the second GI I know of to do that) where I could live out my life-long dream of being a Cobra Crew-chief.

I got a lot of "write-ups" off of 2 older ships, and then I got assigned a rebuilt one coming back

from Corpus Christi. About this time, Capt. Owen promoted me to Line Chief, acting Sgt. E-5. Shortly after that I started flying front seat when time allowed.

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3 photos above, Dale Baker

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 Larry Payne & M. Barrentine

Phillips & Marshall B.



Dale Baker & Hector Mendoza

I extended 21 days in Nam to take advantage of the 5 month early out and left you guys on 8 Sep 70, when I DEROS’d and ETS’d the same day at Fort Lewis.

I started working at the local electric company the following week, where I still work as a Start-up engineer.  

I went back to Purdue, part time, (forever it seems) and received EET and Supervisory degrees. I was an "All State" Commander of the Culver, Indiana VFW Post 2 years in a row. 

 Now, I am an avid kayaker and paddle at least once a week here in IN, but I have paddled in MI, OR, IL, CO and KY. I get to fly in the company’s chopper occasionally and it sure feels naked with out that Minigun! 

 Hope you enjoy the pictures and check back, because I have some pictures of wrecks I’ll be sending in soon.  

 Yours in comradeship, 

 Dale Baker




Barrentine & Turner

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Tail # 627 shot down in Aug-Sept of 1970. The engine was shot out, then a hard landing, the crew survived.

M Barrentine

Thanks Dale,

Dale has more pictures in the photo gallery



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