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I was with Blue Ghosts from Feb thru Dec 70 when I left early due to the death of my father on 24 Dec 70. I was already clearing because I got a 30 day drop.

I was assigned to the Lift Platoon right off. Keep in mind I had 11D as my MOS, how I was assigned to an aviation unit I do not know but will be eternally grateful that I was. I eventually saw numerous armored vehicles get lit up.

Once there, a gunship pilot who only been in the unit 2 weeks, when he and another pilot crashed due to engine failure, I believe his name was Mr. Christian. I do not remember the pilot’s name. Mr. Christian received a gash to the left cheek, cut thru and thru. I remember going to the hospital and visiting him. He commented to the other patients that I was the guy who pulled him out The scary part about that was as we were hovering over the crash site, I told the pilots–"SEE YAA"– and jumped from the helicopter armed only with my .38 . I thought I would never hit the ground.

The names I remember working with most are Lynn D. Rives, Gary Fenderbosch, Earl Parker, Jerry Grace, and  I do remember the pilots: Dodge, Saito, Petrucci, Kline, and some others.