Nov 1967 to April 1968

"Blues" Platoon Leader


Voted the least likely to make the military a career, I retired in 1992 after twenty-six years of active duty. I was a Blueghost in RVN from November 1967 until April 1968 but I have been a Blueghost in spirit ever since.


For the past ten years. I've been living the easy life. I have three grown children and one in elementary school. He keeps my days full & I wouldn't want it any other way. I live with my wife in Fairfield California, six miles from Travis Air Force Base. If you're ever in the area, stop by for a visit. You won't be a stranger!


Deployment of the 7/17 from Fort Knox Aug 1967

Receiving an award from LTC Johnson, CO 7/17, Summer of '67




Mile marker sign outside operations

Phil Asay building a foot locker

Me, ( Dan Buckley) pretending I could type

George Briggs pretending to write a letter home



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