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The Blue Ghost reunion held in Orlando was a great success.  The hotel was a great venue.  Make plans to attend next year’s bash to be held in

Chattanooga, TN

Dates and registration informatio will be posted soon.

The old photo gallery was disabled due to it no longer being supported with security updates (the web host actually quarantined part of it) . Most photos were rescued but we have not decided how to proceed or what to use for the albums.

“Sick Call” is now in forums. There are three categories you must be logged in to see to protect privacy. Some of the forum can be viewed by guests though due to a spam problem, you must be logged in to post. Everyone is welcome to register, BlueGhosts as well as attached units, family and friends too! Just tell us who you are when requesting a log in.

Nashville 2009 Reunion Attendees
We are trying to maintain a list of participants for each reunion. Corrections are welcome…. [Read More]