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Feb 2005 to Sept 2005

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Posted: September 13th, 2006 @ 9:58pm

2005/2/15 21:04

Wigs are you out there? Hope to see you at the reunion, just joined Target and am training now in Austin and will probably get my own store there in Apr or May. Hope Red and White attend as well. Talked to John Harris recently.

Blue– Dave Harrigan

2005/2/17 13:26

Hi, I was with Co E 123 avn right across the flight line at Ky Ha 1970 then moved to the south end of Chu Lai after the Marines left , I am looking for anyone from Co E or anyone that remembers me.

 Chuck Phillipson 123 avn 1970 was NCOIC tech supply

2005/3/11 21:42

As some of you know, I am now the site manager for the Wall That Heals – taking over after John and Linda Anderson retired. I am so happy to be directly involved with the Wall and helping others heal, as I was helped in 1999. It is an exciting, exhausting and fantastic job. I am hoping to get to the 2005 reunion.

Barbara Smith

2005/4/3 12:04

Just a note to say I once again enjoyed the annual reunion, this year at LZ Fort Mitchell. Whether I can make it next year – who knows.Let’s hope the officers and board can meet when necessary and keep the association going.It was nice to see old friends and to talk with so many new ones.Stay safe and well everybody.


2005/4/4 13:52

As always, the reunion was a great time for those who could attend. Tim and Carl did a great job.We are looking forward to next year’s event in San Antonio.

Joe Loadholtes

2005/4/11 9:53

Thanks to all who made the reunion a wonderful event for me. Thanks for bringing your photos and stories, jarring my memory. Thanks to Tim and Carl for the work you did. Thanks to John H for another good talk at the dinner. Thanks to Larry for coming. Thanks to Pat for the disks. Thanks to Robert N for bringing the slides. Thanks to past officers for your years of service to the association. Dan and Donna – we missed you. Hope to see everyone in Texas.

Dale and Donna Baker

2005/5/15 11:56

My brother was with the 8th Cav. F Troop Americal Div.from 1969-1970. I have a picture sitting next to a Huey with Blue Ghost on it side. I thought maybe someone would remember him. He was shot down on Apr. 5th 1970. He was a door gunner. (photos in the gallery)

Kathy Clarken

2005/6/6 16:10

Marshall asks about a date we were hit hard in Quang Tri. It was Mar 6, 1971 approx 11pm. Some of the names of those who were killed are Daniel Allen, Jerry Flores, and Terry McClannahan. I tried emailing but it is constantly returned. Marshall, good luck with your claim.

Regards, Steve Kujawa

2005/6/6 19:13

I was a mechanic with Blueghost 1970-71 on LOH I worked with scout Duane Westfall. I don’t remember where Duane was from, scout Michael Lane was from Tacoma, WA.mechanic Stan Rucker was from Mississippi, mechanic John Alvarado from L.A.I just found this website 1/2 hour ago, and I spent a lot of years forgetting, but I’m starting to remember a few names.

Steve Dunn

2005/6/10 1:17

Looking for anyone who might remember Ron Nishita, tunnel rat, from Feb 1970 to March 1971. On March 6th was 8 hrs. short to come home, hit with rocket into hooch, transferred to naval hospital ship USS Sanctuary, transferred to Letterman Hospital on March 29th. Want to re-connect with other 8th Cav ghosts. Anyone remember Clark Harper?

Ron Nishita

2005/6/16 2:26

Hello all,

My Father Joe Neville was a BlueGhost from 70-71 I believe. He was a door gunner and I was wondering if anyone knew him. I have always been intrigued with the Vietnam conflict, mostly because of all the stories my father told me. He showed me his yearbook a few years ago and I fell in love with all the helicopters that were pictured in the book… Hueys, Chinooks, and especially Cobras! Throughout these past few years I have become more interested in the BlueGhosts and my father’s comrades! He always told me he would love to meet up with some of his old buddies and that is part of the reason why I am on here. the only person I can remember that was on of his good friends is Jimmy Lange (I’m not sure if the last name is spelled correctly). If anyone knows my father please contact me at Skydivingirl2918@aol.com I am his 19 yr old daughter ( of course I am a daddy’s girl!)

Doorgunner Daughter

2005/6/17 3:56

Does anyone remember my Dad, Robert Hunt? He was a crewchief and helicopter mechanic. He served in Chu Lai 1968-69 and in Dan Nang ’71-’72 (with a different unit). My Dad was career Army. He passed away May 19, 2005

Joni Sheridan

2005/6/27 21:59

I was interested in contacting Lt Lutz, who was the maint officer in 1970.my name is Doug Hoyt and I was the door gunner for UH-1.


2005/7/17 7:54


I just found your site several days ago and finally have the opportunity to view most of it.I was assigned to F/8 in 72-73, at Da Nang then moved to Bein Hoa just before the cease fire and stand-down.Completed 21+ yrs active duty and retired in 1989. Am currently working in Amman, Jordan.Maybe one day I’ll re-join THE Squadron and attend a reunion.For now, best wishes and health to all.

Michael Miller


Amman, Jordan

2005/7/21 3:48

To Dale Baker – Hi, Dale! Sorry I took so long to check out your photos. I really enjoyed them! It brought back a lot of memories of Nam! It was great being with you in Cancun! Glad we’re not there right now, with the hurricane going through. Hope everything’s fine with you and Donna.

John Thompson

2005/7/26 9:21

Thanks, John, and to all who visit our web site and leave a comment. Think about what this site has done to get us together. Sam Halstead and I are getting together this week. Thanks a million to the people who created and maintain all the Blueghost sites.

Dale Baker, Blueghost Maint. and Weapons, 69-70

August 16, 2005, 5:50 pm

As a member of the Blue Ghost a long search comes to an end. Thanks to Robert Neill a Blue Ghost member, he posted some photos of a Cobra on the site. When I looked at these photos it was my Cobra that I was a crew chief on. The bird flies again and is in Hawkins, TX. It sits on a pole in a pond. As explained to me by the owner of the bird it is being used for a memorial site for all of our military people. Thanks to the Blue Ghost and many thanks to Robert Neill for your help.

Wayne, Guthrie, Oklahoma

 69-16440 Cobra crew chief. 72-73

September 8, 2005, 4:25 pm

Having served in the BLUES I’ve come to realize what a small fraternity that is and I’m proud to have done it. Thanks to Norman Gravino for his guts,to Charles Wiggins for his humor and to Dave Harrigan for his leadership as our Lt.. Since the war Roger Carruthers has taught all of us lessons in courage and character. The reunions have been good for our hearts and souls and Eve and I plan to see you in Texas. Thanks to those working on this site.

John Harris Chattanooga TN

BLUES-Infantry 08-69 to 06-70





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