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May 2001 to March 2002

Past guestbook entries

Posted: September 29th, 2006 @ 5:29pm

May 2001


Dan DeLor is my step-father, I learned more from Dan about the things that went on over there than I did in high-school. The best source of history is from the people who made and lived it.

Fred Barilli

May  2001


Hello Blue Ghosts, Hauptman and Duck gave me the site address. Nice to see some things from the 68-69 time frame.

Gary Freeman Blue Ghosts 14 ,1969

May 2001

Really great site. My dad and I are going through pictures and took a look at your site. He served with the Blueghosts around Nov/70. And was moved over to the Nighthawks around Dec/70. Anyone remembers him, would be great to hear from you.

Shannon Bryant (daughter of Allen Sharp)

May 2001

Was a Warlord in 69-70 for one tour and an ext..Enjoyed your site immensely.Went back in 00 with some marines that I worked with in Danang. Khe Ha is still there by the way,Chu Lai I mean.

Met some Blue Ghost on their own tour in Hue -Phu Bai

John W. Rennie

Warlord 002


Jun 2001 

Great Site! You’ve obviously put in a great deal of work. I served with Blueghosts from Oct. 1970 to Oct. 1971 as Nighthawk commander and later with slicks. I’ll definitely list your site on my web site as a must see!

Frank Kline

June 2001

Great site!

I was an Aircraft Maintenance Officer in the Direct Support Platoon in 1972 with Captain Frank Leggio as Platoon Leader and Major Jack Kennedy as Troop Commander at Marble Mountain AAF , Danang, I Corp. My call sign was Ghost Doctor 5. Does anyone have an address or e mail on former 1LT Rudy Ruzinski? My best to everyone.

Bob Hartman

June 2001

Just stumbled on this site, really great. Enjoyed Pensacola much. Looking forward to San Diego. For all you old ghosts who can not remember me i went over with the original 570th in June 68 and left Chu Lai on March 30 1970. Worked in maint. until April 69 then went into lift. Was temporary motor Sgt. for awhile with SPOOK as temp. motor officer, what a combo. Am going to backtaxi out so luck to all.

Robert Neill

July 2001

Thanks for some pics of Chu Lai.. I was there in 1971.Assigned To S5..I would love to see more photos

David Downing

Aug 2001

Hello everyone, was excited to find this website. Broken hearted to hear about dear Chuck Gallagher’s demise. Was looking forward to seeing him at my first reunion this year. Hopefully I will see you, "Bob Drury." Bob do you remember the time we almost had a midair with Fat Christian in the slick???

I have alot of pictures that I haven’t looked at in 30 years. I will get them out and bring them to the reunion in San Diego. I live in the San Francisco bay area now.

In hot with the right pull!!!

Nick Collier (Irish) (Blueghost 26)


Sept 2001

Great site! Was DS Maintenance Platoon Leader Mar70-Mar71. Call Sign Ghostdoctor 8.

Chuck Proctor

Sept 2001

I served with f troop 71-72. interested in joining the f troop association. looking forward from hearing from you.

Freddie E. Freeman

Sept 2001

Served with the BLUES from 4/70 to 4/71,like to hear from all of you guys

Charles Cobb

Oct 2001

Great Site. Was gunner and chief with BlueGhosts from about Jan.71 to Aug 71

Ron (Buzz) Nelson

Oct 2001

Great site! I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Anderson two weeks ago in Plainview, TX with the "Wall that Heals". He suggested I take a look at the Blue Ghosts website, as we had spoken at length about Blue Ghost 39 and the BAT-21 mission. The Texas Air Museum in Slaton is restoring an H-model Huey and it will be restored in the markings of Blue Ghost 39. I am currently working as the Graduate Research Assistant for the Vietnam War Archives at Texas Tech University on the Oral History Program. We are interviewing and recording Veterans about their experiences before, during and after Vietnam. If there is any interest, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you, Gentlemen, for everything.


Jonathan Bernstein

Graduate Research Assistant- Oral Historian

Vietnam War Archives- Texas Tech University

Oct 2001

I was excited to find a "Ghost’ web page. Thanks! I served Aug 69 to Sept 70 in maint. platoon and weapons platoon. I think I was the 1st Cobra crew chief to fly front seat on regular missions. Hello to Capt Owens and Sp4 Larry Barton, where ever you are. Welcome home all.

Dale Baker

Oct 2001

Sorry guys don’t recognize a lot of the names, or faces (by now). Served in the 570th/ f-8 from Nov.68 to Sept.70 about 22 months. Enjoy the photos and brings back some lost memories.

Randall Jarvis

Oct 2001

Just ran across "Blueghost" website and think it’s great. Brought back so many memories. I was with the Blueghost from June 70 till April 71 in the "Guns" platoon. Hope to hear from some of you guys.

Marshall Barrentine

Nov 2001

Ghost Doctor ’68-’69. Recently contacted by Dan DeLor and Bob Wiggins. Would like to hear from some others from that era. Still looking for Gary Ellis. If you have any info, send me and email. I don’t know how to work this damn thing, my grandson is doing this for me.

Earl Courtney

Nov 2001

Can’t believe it’s been over thirty years. I was transferred from D1/1 to fly Scouts for Blueghost during Lam Son 719. I stayed with you for three months and then went home. Really enjoyed my time as Blueghost 15.

Doyle DJ Miner

Nov 2001

Blue Ghosts, I was a Ranger Squad leader with Echo Co. Recon, 5/46/198th Americal from 1970-1971. On my first recon patrol we ran into some intense opposition from the NVA. I was on the radio with our C.O. when a voice cut in. The fellow asked if we needed any help. I asked who he was and he replied he was Blue Ghost. I had no ideal as to what this was and transmitted so. the fellow replied, he seemed stunned that I did not know of him), that he would introduce him self. Actually there was two of them. I had heard of the gunships called cobras but never saw or yet alone had the privilege of utilizing their fire power. Quite and introduction!! With their assistance we were able to evade to LZ to be safely extracted. I had not thought about that introduction for many years until I happened on your web site. There were times when we called on gun ships for assistance since that first meeting but it was the most memorable. I want to thank you for your support of us in the field and perhaps one day we will meet and I can shake your hands.

Thank you "Woody" Tim Woodville

Dec 2001

Just found the site. Great pictures! CW2 with the Gun platoon from 71 to 72 at Marble Mountain. Anybody know how to get ahold of Jim McCoy?

Don Manlove (Blueghost 27)

Dec 2001

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Wes Moss

Dec 2001

Don Manlove just referred me to this site. Looks good. I’m proud of the time I served with Blue Ghost (’71-’72) at Red Beach and Marble Mountain as a Captain (Warrant re-tread) in the gun platoon (Red 21) and then as assistant ops officer on my second combat aviation Air Cav tour in SEA. First tour was with C/3/17 Air Cav "Charliehorse" in III Corps.

Steve Jackson

Dec 2001

Just a line to let all ghost know I am back up. Had a few problems with my computer. Just wishing all ghosts a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see all in San Diego. Best wishes to all. BOB

Dec 2001


John McKay

Dec 2001

HAPPY HOLY DAYS to everyone. I was just thinking of Christmas 1968 when we invited some of our hoochmaids to the 570th area with their children, Tom ‘Baby Huey’ Burns dressing as Santa and passing gifts to some of the kids in from the vill. I’ve got some pictures, but they’ll have to come later. Remember to say extra prayers for the current crop of young Americans sent into harms way. Stay safe and well !

God Bless. Burkie.

Jan 2002

Blue Ghost White April-August 1971. Some familiar names during that time associated with Cobras: Officer/Warrant Officer – Whiteley, Bennett, Saxton, Wildschut, Baudier, Finley, Manlove, Sprouse, Hayward, Jackson, Buckwell … Enlisted – Silkey, Vig, Kujawa, Waters, Small, Mendez, Comfort, Kelly, Lenertz, Hogston, Adams, Bounds, Henry, Kyle, Brown, Ward, Bell, Blakmore, Connors, Metiever, Martin

Ron Dobson

Jan 2002

I was BlueGhost Blue in C Troop 7/17 Cav when C Troop was sent to Chu Lai in Dec 67. Since I was with C Troop when it was redestinated F Troop 8th Cav, that would make me the original BlueGhost Blue of F Troop 8th Cav. I departed F Troop shortly after it was activated in April of 68.

First of all, I want to say thank you to Dan DeLor for this great website and the opportunity to say hello to many BlueGhosters who have lived in the recesses of my mind for many years. It was quite a thrill to find the BlueGhost websites.

Greetings to John Shepardson, Tom Pueschel, Pat Armstrong, and Ronald Oglesby who have signed this guestbook and to the following BlueGhosters who signed BlueGhost Green’s guestbook: Jack Reed, Pete Peterson, Don McConoghy, Tom Parker (Tom, I sent you a long email; did you receive it?), Richard DuBois (the Blues Platoon ammo man) (It was Tom Parker who fell into the peneprime tank, wasn’t it?), Bill Brady, Blair Noel, Tom Schwartz, Robert Derr, and Gary Kemp.

I have about 65 pictures that I am sending to Dan for publication on the website. I hope you will enjoy them.

Has anyone discovered how to contact George (Muff) Handley? (His home town was Ogdensburg, New York.) and/or Phil Asay in the Seattle area?

Hope to see many of you and swap some stories at the reunion in San Diego. Until then, thanks for the memories.

Dan Buckley

Feb 2002

I am truly disappointed with my Blueghost Brothers, starting with my old F Troop OCS classmate, Bob Wiggins. My troop deployed to Tam Ky as part of a 2nd Bde, 101st Abn task force on 15 May 69. Our mission was to support the Metrecal. We were up the runway and Blueghost closer to the POL point. We visited and played cards a few times.

To make a long story short, I returned to Nam with 28 members of my troop (including the widow of our medic, Medal of Honor, KIA on Hill 376, vic. of Tam Ky) 30 years to the day. It was such an experience that we returned again in 2000, 2001 and now returning on 15 May 2002. My disappointment is that hard as I try, I cannot get a Blueghoster to return with us.

ALL the best

Fernando De Pierris LTC (re)

Banshee 46

March 2002

Great site. Am new to net. One of the original Blue too! Was there with Oglesby. Oct 67 – Dec 68. Would like to hear from others that were with me then.

Howard S. Daugherty





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