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Taking Fire!

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Bulls eye! Not everyone was a fan of F Troop's artwork, note the bullet hole in the crossed sabers. The bullet went through the top of the combustion chamber. Same aircraft, bullet hole in blade and there was also one in the right skid. Aircraft believed to have been flown by WO Joe Rowan. Approximate date, in Dec '69 - Jan'70. 



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My Last Mission

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More pictures sent to me by Tom. This was not my idea of how to leave Vietnam! I didn't know how bad this loach looked until many years later. The first time I saw this picture of Major Charles Ivey holding my helmet was when Doc Anderson sent me a scanned copy of the yearbook. It had the caption under it "The enemy is so hard up for ammunition, they are shooting cleaning rods at us." Cleaning rods - not quite, I still have a  piece of an AK round I carry with me everyday as a souvenir. The crew with me that day was WO George Dodge & Sgt. Myron Berg ( KIA '70). The amazing part to me was that we all survived this crash!

Dan DeLor

Blue Ghost 16 1968-69

Photos from Cpt. Tom Taylor