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23 February. 1969

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On the night of 23 Feb '69, several rockets hit the Blueghosts area, this was an unusual occurrence since we were semi protected by the hill behind us.

As the flight crews were loading their aircraft for first flight missions, more "silver needles" came over the hill and hit Ky Ha and the 123rd flight area. This was the beginning of the 2nd TET offensive


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Rocket hit on the revetment between cobras destroying one of them

Another one hit between the loaches & the briefing room. It damaged several loaches.

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And yes, they even got the officers four holer




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 Bob Nield & Carl Mumaw were working on a huey main rotor and while they were on top of the ship, the transmission blew out of a "Medivac" nearby. Luckily no crew members were injured, but a dog was killed by shrapnel. A piece of the stabilizer bar was driven through the PSP in the middle photo.



Photos from Carl Mumaw