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We loved to track rotor blades.

(unknown, unknown, Mike Getz, unknown Ghost Doctor)

Skid plate caught in PSP and ship ended up on barrels, Close Call!


Front left to right - "Mouse" Plourde, Norm Chappell, Larson, Turney, Tom Burkhart, Brad?, Scotty? In the background includes Brokenshire, Larry Maitland, McCabe, Stewart




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Christmas 1968, Santa is "Baby Huey" Burns, Galinski & McCabe in background


Watching Santa are Earl Courtney & Capt. Gary Johnson with McCabe, Getz, & Demarais in background and maybe Sgt. Prescott?


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Flight line from 570th hooch area

Frank Burns & Charley Martin returning home with myself (Tom) and others

Those of us at Chu Lai all remember the wreck on the beach but not many know the details of LST - 912, USS Mahnomen County, it's war record and that a sailor died trying to refloat the LST. Tom has done alot of research and found several sites with information on this wreck. LST-912

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